We inspire B2B brands from the inside out

JMG is a strategic marketing and digital partner dedicated to creating powerful brand experiences that help get your brands recognized and help support the growth of your business. We are a unique agency residing at the cross roads of business strategy, creative inspiration and digital expertise.


We have partnered with clients large and small in every stage of the communication lifecycle. Our workbook is well balanced and well tested. Whether we are running with your entire marcom or just a single project, we will help you create the right go to market plan that will deliver on your desired results.

Our Services

Marketing Strategies
Everything starts with a strategic objective. Whether you’re looking to build on existing strategies or find new avenues to bring your initiatives to life, JMG is well poised to meet the challenge.
Creating successful brands all have one key component—a sound strategy. This is the road map that defines how you are going to compete and defines your competitive advantage. Building and supporting brands is at the core of what we do.
Digital Strategies
Today’s communications demand that you stay digitally connected. Our digital expertise includes web development, streaming videos, banner advertising and email campaigns – all connected to your social media properties.
Content Based Marketing
Today’s buyers are looking to save time and find the best solutions. Content driven marketing allows you to educate your audience with valuable insights that lead to a stronger connection and ultimately a sales engagement.
Streaming Video
Telling your story visually is a dynamic way to capture and keep your audiences’ attention. Whether a company overview, sales specific or promotional campaign, video should definitely be part of your marketing mix.
Web Development
At the hub of your communications is your website. We work with clients to keep their websites operating as strong business tools; from keeping the brand messaging and engagement fresh, to adding and maintaining ongoing content share through blogs, videos and other content rich mediums.
Sales Support
We work to make sure your sales organization is well prepared to make the sale once they are presented with an opportunity. Sales literature, white papers, case studies and presentations all lead to better engagement headed to closing the sale.
Lead Generation
The challenge is universal. Every company needs more qualified leads. One solution is our PowerPlay™, a turn-key lead generation program that utilizes multiple touchpoints to get your brand recognized while securing your pipeline with leads.
Internal Communications
Your employees represent your brand and they’re talking to your customers every day. It’s imperative that they are engaged in delivering on your brand promises. Assessing the current state of the team and the work atmosphere and developing an internal marketing program is an important step in ensuring your brand message and promise is unified.
Trade Shows & Events
Trade events are just as demanding as websites in getting attention. From brand support via dynamic graphics to invites and attention grabbing initiatives through presentations and contests, JMG can help you present your best.
Media Management
From media planning to media relations, JMG can make sure you’re in the right trade journals on both fronts of print and digital. Our strategies and experience can ensure you get the best spend of your media dollars as well as capturing news opportunities.
Public Relations
Press releases are a great way to build messaging and content on your website and can also be an affordable way to get your name in the press within the trade outlets of press and websites. We can develop programs to one off engagements.